Comstock Remodeling

The project started in March 2018, Wilshire Corridor, Los Angeles, and consists of a complete remodeling of a condominium bought by a famous singer and movie director, Mahsun Kirmizigul, from Turkey. The project was completed in December 2018.

The unit was 1,600 square feet with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, one living room, and one dining room. The owner requested to change the layout, kitchen, floors, walls, lightenings, plumbing pipes, and faucets, renovate bathrooms, remodel HVAC, and make new closets and doors. The job required condominium code knowledge, creative architectural skills, plumbing, electrical, framing, drywall, floor, and carpentry know-how.


Built-in 1961, the previous owner hadn’t done any major remodeling. The condition of the condominium was very poor.
The layout design wasn’t fulfilling the current needs and expectations.
The master bathroom was small, and the only entrance to the bedroom was through the bathroom.


We overcame almost all issues with our architectural creativity. We had to modify the entire wall, plumbing, and electrical infrastructure to change the layout. We have increased the size of the master bathroom twice more and changed the entrance by respecting the structural plans. We have built installed shaker-style kitchen and bathroom cabinets along with interior doors and closets. We installed stylish lightenings, hardwood, countertops, and appliances.


Our most important achievement was the satisfaction of our client. He was delighted to acquire a modern, good- looking apartment which fulfills his needs completely. According to his realtor, the condominium’s value increased by 30% compared to his purchase price. Another achievement was the know-how and skill-set we have accumulated during the Comstock home improvement project. The project has also been an excellent showcase for SDG.