Digital Security Monitoring

Digital Security

Experience the pinnacle of Cybersecurity. Safeguard your IoT devices
and fortify your digital presence seamlessly.

Experience the pinnacle of Cybersecurity. Safeguard your IoT devices and fortify your digital presence seamlessly.

Plug and Play Setup

Effortlessly integrate Traqle into your digital environment without any complicated configurations. It’s as simple as installing and letting it protect.

Adaptive Learning

Thanks to advanced machine learning, Traqle adapts to your usage patterns, providing personalized protection that evolves with your digital habits.

Why Traqle

The lack of security in internet-connected smart devices (IoT) is disturbing. For many years, botnets have exploited security vulnerabilities in poorly configured devices. Studies show that 41% of attacks exploit device vulnerabilities, as IT-borne attacks scan through network-connected devices to exploit known weaknesses.

Traqle, a cutting-edge cybersecurity solution from SDG California, is designed explicitly with IoT device security in mind as a beacon of hope in an environment fraught with cyber threats. Its unique plug-and-play feature ensures that individuals can seamlessly integrate it into their homes and workplaces regardless of their tech savvy. Traqle meticulously analyzes network behaviors and data traffic patterns by connecting to a router, preemptively identifying potential threats. The solution’s strength lies in identifying these threats and its real-time alert system, which ensures users can take immediate corrective action.

Connected Devices

You can now scan all the IoT devices connected to your network. Traqle will periodically assess the vulnerability of these devices and keep you informed. If your devices are compromised, you will receive notifications and guidance on taking necessary action.

Traqle enables you to trace the source of disruptions and pinpoint the specific city or country from which attacks originate. You will also receive alerts to help you take immediate action to prevent these attacks and ensure the security of your connected IoT devices.

The Traqle mobile application offers users an exceptionally user-friendly dashboard, enabling them to track all their IoT devices connected to their network, detect breaches, analyze incidents, view threat maps, and check open ports.


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